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Interviewer: Why is Advanced Biostructural Correction (ABC) different than Conventional Chiropractic?  And why would someone benefit  from what you do, even if they've have already gone to a chiropractor?

Dr. Kim: There are hundreds of chiropractic techniques out there.  I can understand how it may get confusing.  However, ABC is not a different technique.  ABC is a unique way a chiropractor looks and understands the body, how it works, breaks down, and most importantly how to make permanent corrections so you can live a happy, healthy,  and pain-free life.

Interviewer: How does someone get to this point where they are living with pain and/or other health problems, and they know something is wrong but they're not sure what to do or where turn?

Dr. Kim: First of all it is important to understand the role of a chiropractor. Most chiropractors work with the spine to help your body feel and function better, as the nerve system controls and coordinates all functions, organs, muscles -- down to every cell in your body!  Everything is controlled by your nerve system.

There are 24 movable vertebrae in the average spine.  Sometimes these vertebrae get misaligned, causing nerve interference.  These misalignments can be caused by big traumas such as car accidents, slips and falls, sport injuries, or even as small as someone slapping you on your back.  You may or may not have instant pain or symptoms from these vertebral misalignments.  Luckily your body can self-correct many of these misalignments, allowing your body to function properly without symptoms.

This next point is vital to understanding how the body gets in “trouble” where it can’t correct itself, resulting in pain and suffering, or perhaps your health declines without immediate pain.  Your body’s symptoms are a way that your body is complaining to you.  If you have problems with no symptoms it is not likely you are going to say, “ I want to get checked out to make sure I am healthy."  Let’s face it, we have been taught to base our health upon how we feel.

Interviewer: When can your body not correct these vertebral misalignments?

Dr. Kim: When the vertebrae misaligns forward compared to the other vertebrae, the body can’t correct this.  There are no muscles in the back that can properly bring the vertebrae back to its proper alignment.  This is a big problem.  Why?  Your body can’t stay that way simply because that puts pressure on your spinal cord, which is your life line.

Interviewer: So what to do?

Dr. Kim: Well, thankfully your body is amazingly designed.  Whether you think your body is based upon the mechanics of your body and or you believe in the inner wisdom of your body, both are correct.  When a vertebrae misalign forward and your body can’t correct itself, your body compensates somewhere else so your spine won’t be negatively affected.  So basically your body does the best it can under the circumstances.  Sounds great, right?  Well yes as far as helping you stay alive, but of course there is a down side.  Where your body is compensating is almost always where you have symptoms such as pain, muscle spasms, numbness, burning, tingling...to name a few.  Your pain is not where the cause of your problems are, it is where your compensations are.

Interviewer: How can this be corrected?

Dr. Kim: That’s where we come in.  We have been specially trained to find the cause and correct it.  And as early as your first adjustment you will immediately stand taller, breath better, and there will be overall less stress on your body.  Patients often report that they start to feel better as early as their first adjustment.

Interviewer: Thanks for all of this great information. Anything else we should know about ABC?

Dr. Kim: Now there is one more component to why ABC is different than conventional chiropractic.  There is something called "meninges."  It is a covering around your spinal cord.  When your vertebrae go forward and now your body cannot correct itself, it wreaks havoc in your body and ultimately causes pain, suffering, as well as decline in your health.  Your meninges start adhering to different parts of your spinal canal including the vertebrae and discs.  It gets pretty messy in your spinal canal causing adhesions and scar tissue.  Have you ever felt tight and stiff and thought it was because you were getting older?  The adhesions and scar tissue create a feeling of tightness/stiffness in your body.

I know this is a lot of information.  Most often by the time people come to us they have been searching for a way to get rid of pain or other health problems with little or no success. And at that point, new patients often feel let down, to the point where I am amazed they still have even an ounce of hope.  Whether you are one of those people, or you are more fortunate and we are your first call, you have come to the right place.  We have been specially trained to get rid of your meningeal adhesions, and find your forward misaligned vertebrae and bring it back to the proper position. Your body then literally unwinds from the many traumas that your body has had over your lifetime.  This is the key -- yes, there is a way to feel better and start living the life you want!

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