What Exactly is Advanced Biostructural Correction?
Unwinding ABC In Groton CT?

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Say you have an injury or a fall and your vertebrae go out of alignment. Your body has amazing intelligence and knows how to correct itself most of the time, and then you won't even need me as your Groton CT chiropractor.

When You Need Me In Groton CT

When you do need me, however, is when one of your vertebrae moves forward compared to the others.

It can't correct itself because you have no muscles that can pull it back to its proper position. The problem is when your vertebra is forward, it puts pressure on your spinal cord, which is a continuation of your brain - your lifeline.

Since your body is unable to correct this forward vertebra, it will always do the best it can, with what it has to work with. Your body compensates somewhere else to keep the pressure off your spinal cord. The compensations are causing your symptoms and pain, but they are not the true problem. You might think the pain is where the problem is, but the pain is where the compensation is.

When the vertebra goes forward, your body slumps, and that's where poor posture actually comes from. Your body will form scar tissue and adhesions in this area to keep your body upright. This creates stiffness, pain, and other symptoms.

Now How Can I help you?

With Advanced Biostructural Correction (ABC), I know how to unwind your body from injuries that have affected your spine. These injuries can cause symptoms in your body, from pain and numbness to headaches and even poor organ function,

I am able to help you because I know how to read your body, and I know how to correct your body. Your body tells me what to do giving you a second chance for a better life.

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